Healthcare Leaders Association of Ohio: About Us


Since 1974, Healthcare Leaders Association of Ohio has been contributing to the success of its members.

Members of HLAOH lead and manage medical practices - a complex and challenging profession that combines broad knowledge with cutting-edge expertise and practical skills with the experience to apply them. Decisions made by medical practice managers affect every aspect of successful medical practice operations, from patient care to a healthy bottom line.

Our members come from all areas of the state and rely on HLAOH to serve as their resource for information, education, exchange of ideas, and industry contacts so that they can provide quality management and leadership to their physicians and staff. HLAOH's diverse membership is comprised of administrators, managers, supervisors, faculty, students, and other healthcare professionals representing practices of all sizes and specialties.  These practices can range from solo, group, and rural practices to university-based practices and multi-specialty clinics.


The Healthcare Leaders Association of Ohio is a 501(c)6 non-profit association dedicated to the continuous development and support of healthcare professionals through education, networking, advocacy, and resources.


1.    To provide continuing education for and disseminate information to healthcare professionals.
2.    To promote excellence in healthcare management in our communities through networking, advocacy, and access to valuable resources.
3.    To collaborate with organizations and colleagues sharing similar aims and objectives in medical practice management.
4.    To connect members with innovative solutions provided by our Business Associates.