Past Presidents: Listing

Healthcare Leaders Association would like to recognize our past leaders, for their service, dedication, and excellent leadership in serving the members of Healthcare Leaders Association of Ohio.


2023 Jenna Blatt

2022 Aaron Mierzwiak MPH

2021 Aaron Mierzwiak MPH

2020 Amy Schmidt MBA

2019 Laurie Nicholls RN BSN

2018  Sheelah Westerbeck FACMPE


2016  Kathleen Kostelnick FACMPE, CMM

2015  Katherine Pandolfo MBA, MSN, RN, CMPE

2014  Mike O'Brien, FACMPE, FACHE

2013  Steve Davies, MS, MBA

2012  Frank Combs, MBA, FACMPE

2011  William, H. Thorner, FACMPE

2010  Cheryl Hanlon, RN, FACMPE

2009  Todd Fowler, MBA, FACMPE

2008  Rosie Taulbee, FACMPE

2007  Krista Stock, CMPE

2006  David Hafler, CMPE


2005  Michael D'Eramo, FACMPE

2004  Troy Simon, CMPE

2003  Kathy Jefford, CMPE

2002  Nancy Martin, MBA, CMPE

2001  Wally Herbster, CMPE

2000  Wally Herbster, CMPE

1999  Jim Blevins, CMPE

1998  Ruth Linne Lander, FACMPE

1997  Raymond Gallagher, CMPE

1996  Kerry Knuth, FACMPE

1995  Marilyn Orr, CMPE

1994  Sally Conley, CMPE

1993  Raymond Manley, CMPE

1992  Charlene E. Smith, PhD, FACMPE

1991  A. Mitch Wheeler

1990  C. Thompson Hardy, III, FACMPE

1989  Stephen Rembrandt


1988  Forrest H. Johnson

1987  Chad L. Peter, FACMPE

1986  Thomas E. Bishop

1985  Paul A. Beckman, FACMPE

1984  Marshall M. Baker

1983  Dennis D. Feyh, CMPE

1982  Richard W. Sexton

1981  Mary Alice Streeter, CPA, CMPE

1980  C. Daniel Groth, FACMPE

1979  Francis R. Sopyla

1978  Darrell G. Kinnan

1977  Robert E. Daniel, FACMPE

1976  John W. Potter, Jr.

1975  Robert J. Fischer

1974  Robert N. Campbell, FACMPE